Sarah Wyatt

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing

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Gravity is topic of Jan. 22 Science Café

Professor Sarah Wyatt to discuss gravity and plants relationship

Gravity is responsible for keeping life on Earth grounded, literally, and with the advent of space travel we now have an inkling of what microgravity is like. But what does gravity do to plants?  

With the help of, or despite, gravitational forces, come to the Baker Front Room to join Sarah Wyatt, professor of Environmental & Plant Biology, in her Science Café discussion, "Grounded by Gravity," at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 22.

Wyatt conducts research on the effects of gravity on plant growth and development. Her Earth-based experiments are used to predict how plants might grow in a micro and zero gravity environments for future space endeavors. She will have the opportunity to send plants into space.

During her café, she is planning to involve the audience in her exploration of gravitational effects on plants through demonstrations and examples of these effects on live plants.  

"I hope the audience leaves with a better appreciation of how amazing, unique and important plants really are to our lives," says Wyatt.