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Ohio University ranks 38th among 136 national universities for the college experience, which includes alumni assessments of social and intellectual development as well as preparation for career success.

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Alumni Factor ranking places Ohio University 18th among large, public universities

Ohio University included in The Alumni Factor, college-ranking platform

Ohio University ranks 18th among 55 large, public universities included in the 2013-14 edition of The Alumni Factor, a college-ranking platform.

The Alumni Factor uses alumni data and feedback to rate schools based on graduate outcomes – how successful their graduates are in their careers and lives. The latest findings are based on surveys and interviews with tens of thousands of college and university graduates 24 and older.

Overall, OHIO ranks 55th among 136 national universities and 125th among all 227 colleges and universities included in the rankings. According to The Alumni Factor, this places OHIO among the top 7 percent of college and universities in the United States.

Researchers measure 15 different factors, including income, net worth, job opportunities, intellectual development, and overall happiness. Two factors – graduation rate and alumni giving percentage – are obtained from a source other than graduates.

OHIO’s highest rankings among national universities are social development (15th), happiness (26th), and immediate job opportunities (27th). Other rankings include: college experience, 38th (national universities) and 96th (overall); overall assessment, 34th (national universities) and 68th (overall); and financial success 99th (national universities) and 154th (overall).