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University calendar advisory task force, development teams formed

The work of pulling together Ohio University events and activities onto one centralized calendar is a big job, but two groups are now formed and ready to take on the task with the help of the University community.

The OHIO Centralized Calendar Initiative was announced in the spring by the Offices of the Executive Vice President and Provost and the Vice President for Finance and Administration as an effort to consolidate existing calendars and reap the benefits of having that information in one place.

Now it’s up to members of an advisory task force and a development team to put a plan in action for the enhanced version of a centralized Calendar of University Events, or CUE.

The development team is made up of faculty, classified staff, administrative staff and students from across the University. The group is charged with establishing the requirements, standards and guidelines necessary to implement CUE. The team is divided into six sub-groups:

  • Requirements
  • Vocabulary (Event Classification/Taxonomy)
  • Guidelines/Policy
  • Student Organization Events
  • Athletics/Campus Recreation
  • Regional Campuses and Centers/RHE and Outreach

The smaller advisory task force will then review the recommendations of the development team. Representatives from the President’s Council, Information Technology, University Advancement and Event Services are among the presidential appointees who round out the task force.

While these two groups will do the lion’s share of the planning, it is important to hear the voices of the people CUE will affect most -- the University community.

“The calendar is a great resource for planning and publicizing events that interest and affect our University community,” said Renea Morris, executive director of University Communications and Marketing. “In order for the CUE to be as useful as possible, we would like to see an increase in the number of users so we can obtain a variety of views on needs and personal preferences.”

Using the existing calendar will also make it easier for everyone to find information on events and deadlines and make it possible for those events to be distributed through University social media accounts and other communication venues. As the progress is made, feedback will be solicited from the University community during the calendar development process.
For updates on the calendar project and to join the conversation, follow @OHIO_CUE on Twitter.

Advisory Task Force

Caitlin Barnhardt, Event Services
Jennifer Bowie, University Advancement
Howard Dewald, Executive Vice President and Provost Office
Dan Hauser, Intercollegiate Athletics
Jennifer Kirksey, President’s Council
Renea Morris, University Communications and Marketing
Joe Pauwels, Advancement Services
Maureen Wagner, College of Fine Arts

Development Team

Sharell Arocho, Arts and Sciences
Caitlin Barnhardt, University Event Services
Chris Bailey-Brown, Classified Senate
Claire Berlin, Fine Arts
Josh Bodnar, Administrative Senate President, Residential Housing
Dave Hannum, Information Technology
Brian Heilmeier, Campus Involvement Center
Gabrielle Johnston, University Communications and Marketing
Brian Kapple, Ohio University Police Department
Larissa Keiser, Campus Recreation
Taeil Kim, Voinovich School
Linda Lockhart, eLearning
Anna Morton, Student Senate President
Jesse Neader, Campus Involvement Center
Joel Newby, Grad Student Senate President
Kyle Reh, Athletics
Cheri Russo, Lancaster Campus
Jeremy Schaffer, University Event Services
EJ Schodzinski, Eastern Campus
Christine Shaw, Zanesville Campus
Brian Stemen, University Communications and Marketing
Andrew Trachsel, Faculty Senate representative, Fine Arts
Katie Troyer, Admissions