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Tyler Borchers

Tyler Borchers

Photo courtesy of: Michael Maurer

Jerry Miller

Jerry Miller

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing

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OHIO undergraduate, professor co-author article in American Behavioral Scientist

Ohio University students and faculty engage in active learning and teaching within the University’s classrooms every day, but it is collaboration that occurred outside of the classroom that landed an OHIO undergraduate and an associate professor in a recent issue of American Behavioral Scientist.

Tyler Borchers, a senior in OHIO’s Honors Tutorial College who is studying communication, and Jerry Miller, an associate professor in the School of Communication Studies, co-authored “Bain and Political Capital in the 2012 GOP Primary Debates.” The article was published in the peer-reviewed journal American Behavioral Scientist in October in a special issue dedicated to the 2012 political campaigns.

The article explores the dynamics of political debates within primary contests in which there are shared common values by examining how Republican presidential candidates in the 2012 primaries critiqued Mitt Romney’s role at Bain Capital. It also studies how those critiques, as well as Romney’s response to them, contribute to contemporary conservatism.

The article began as a research project Borchers was assigned. Miller and Borchers knew each other from a tutorial on political communication that Miller taught during Borchers’ first year at Ohio University. According to Borchers, Miller provided him with invaluable guidance throughout the writing process.

Borchers presented an early draft, written with Miller’s guidance, at the Central States Communication Association President’s Undergraduate Honors Research Conference in Kansas City. The feedback received there led to more precise collaboration to refine the article, which they then submitted to American Behavioral Scientist.

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience, and I’m grateful to the folks at American Behavioral Scientist for publishing our work,” said Borchers. “Few undergraduate students have the privilege of working so closely with a professor, and I’m thankful to Dr. Miller and the Honors Tutorial College for giving me that opportunity.”

“It is important to have works selected for publication,” said Miller. “It is even more enjoyable when it is the result of a collaborative effort.”

American Behavioral Scientist is published 14 times a year and is a valuable source of information for scholars, researchers, professionals and students. Each issue offers its readers comprehensive analysis of a single topic, providing in-depth perspectives on contemporary topics in social and behavioral sciences.

“The American Behavioral Scientist is a terrific journal, and it is a testament to Tyler’s abilities and Dr. Miller’s mentorship that this article was published,” said Michael Butterworth, director of and associate professor in OHIO’s School of Communication Studies. “We are very proud to have both of them as part of the School of Communication Studies.”