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Renea Morris, Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing

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Branding OHIO through its website: Part 2

The redesign initiative for ohio.edu will focus on audience engagement and more specifically on our primary and secondary audiences – prospective students and parents and families. Through the discovery process, we learned about their needs and as a result, determined the best way to manage and shape the future content strategy for the website.

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Based on our interviews, we drew the following conclusions:

1.­­ ­The website’s imagery and voice need to capture and convey the true essence of Ohio University.
2.­­ ­The content should be aligned and organized with our strategic objectives to prioritize the information and simplify the user experience.
3.­­ ­We need to simplify the layout of the home page to streamline the user’s experience.
4.­­ ­We need to ensure that there is a consistent look and feel throughout the site
5.­­ ­The design of the site should create an experience for the user that is intuitive and simple.
6.­­ ­Audiences want to be more in tune with University current news and events.

Students shared with us their top reasons for choosing Ohio University over other institutions – the look of campus, and academics and programs.

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In addition to prominently featuring the beauty of the campus, the home page experience will aim to help students feel a sense of place and community, gain an understanding of the majors and programs offered at Ohio University and discover how they can get involved.

For parents and families, we want them to be assured that an education at Ohio University is a good value, gain an understanding of outcomes that an OHIO education provides and know that the community is safe and nurturing.

Future columns will feature more information about this important University initiative.