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President shares Board of Trustees Retreat discussion topics

On Thursday, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis sent an email to all faculty and staff sharing the topics to be discussed at the Board of Trustees Retreat.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The purpose of my message today is to share with you a preview of what will be discussed at the upcoming Board of Trustees retreat on Friday. As I outlined in my Faculty Staff Convocation remarks, there are several important initiatives that will help secure the future sustainability of our university.
Total Compensation Plan
First and foremost, we will begin to address the project of creating a Total Compensation Plan. We believe that being able to attract and retain the best and brightest employees is key to continuing our evolution as a transformational university. Though a faculty compensation plan was included in Vision Ohio, it could not be fully implemented with the budget pressures created by the economic downturn. Our Total Compensation Plan will include a review of faculty and staff compensation and ensure we have accurate information to develop a multi-year, competitive total compensation plan for our faculty and staff.
$100 Million Investment Plan

Another topic to be explored is a $100 Million Investment Plan. The investment plan is designed to provide one-time funds for initiatives that will not only enhance our academic position relative to peer institutions but also aid in our ability to serve as an economic engine in the region.
Strategic Enrollment Plan
We will review our Strategic Enrollment Plan, which uses a multi-phased approach to align the continuing challenges of a changing enrollment environment with our institutional goals and revenue projections.
Capital Plan
An update will be provided on the assessment of the university's capital needs. It is clear that state support has been inadequate to serve all of the needs of the university. Though some state capital funds will be used to address a portion of the deferred maintenance backlog, it is imperative that the university find ways to invest regularly in its buildings and grounds in order to effectively and safely serve the university community.
Residential Housing Plan

We will reiterate with the Board that an important way in which we can provide a transformative student-centered learning experience is by improving the quality of student housing. A key component of this plan is to enhance the academic engagement in our residential housing to bolster success for first- and second-year students.

Technology Commercialization Plan
Technology transfer and commercialization is another subject that will be shared with the Board. Not only is this an Ohio Board of Regents priority, but it is also an Ohio University priority to ensure that our faculty are supported in turning their technological developments into products and services and made accessible to a wider audience. The Regents recent technology transfer report is a blueprint for interaction between higher education and industry for the commercialization of a university's intellectual property.
Only with the continued commitment, talent, and dedication of our faculty and staff, will OHIO be able to maintain its leadership role in serving the city, region, state, and the world. With this passion and commitment, Ohio University will become the nation's best transformative learning community where our students realize their promise, faculty advance knowledge, staff achieve excellence, and alumni become global leaders.
Roderick J. McDavis