OHIO's Graffiti Wall: A look back

Photo courtesy of: Ohio Today Online


Summer 2012 issue of Ohio Today Online

Photo courtesy of: Ohio Today Online

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The Summer 2012 issue of Ohio Today Online is now available.

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In this issue, you'll hear the familiar voice of an irreverent 10-year-boy and meet the woman behind this cartoon jokester. (Ay, caramba!) You'll chat with avant-garde professor of art Aethelred Eldridge, who was conferred the status of professor emeritus this year after teaching more than 50 years at Ohio University. And you'll take a look back at the tradition that is the Graffiti Wall, which inspired the 1986 "Off the Wall" yearbook theme and continues to serve as a canvas for artistic
Bobcats today.

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Take a peek at one night's Graffiti Wall painting; watch as the transformation unfolds before your eyes!

Watch "The Promise Lives," a documentary-style video that captures the spirit of Ohio University.

See what two turntables and a pen can do, thanks to one ingenious
graduate student.

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