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Priority parking changes to begin July 1

The Transportation and Parking Committee, comprised of Ohio University faculty, staff and students, announces changes to the priority parking program on the Athens campus. This is a result of phase II of the faculty/staff pay-to-park program implemented two years ago. The new priority parking options begin and are effective July 1.

Beginning at midnight on July 1, faculty/staff on the campus of Ohio University will have the option to request parking within a priority lot on campus. The priority lots are shown on the campus parking map as the following lots:  


  • Light Green — Lots 18, 19 and 20
  • Grey — Lots 36, 38 and 39
  • Black (very limited parking) — Lot 11
  • Yellow — Lot 2
  • Orange — Lots 4 and 6

The fee for a priority lot permit is $300 per year. Faculty/staff members who request a priority lot permit and who already receive payroll deductions for parking ($150 per year) will be required to pay $150 out of pocket to obtain the priority permit. Faculty/staff members who request a priority lot permit and who currently are not receiving deductions for parking (opted out) will be required to pay $300 out of pocket to obtain the priority permit.  

Priority permits may only be issued to faculty/staff who are full-time, permanent employees eligible for payroll deductions. All priority lot permits will be issued on a first-requested, first-issued basis until all areas are sold out.  


To request a priority lot permit, please follow the instructions below.

Compose an email to parking@ohio.edu with a subject line of PRIORITY PARKING REQUEST.  

Copy and paste the information below into the body of your email and fill in your personal information to complete your request. Incomplete requests will not be processed.  


  • First and Last Name:  
  • PID Number (begins with a "P" and located on your University ID beneath your photo):


  • Lot Choice 1:
  • Lot Choice 2:
  • Lot Choice 3:
  • Waiting List Choice:

Note: Applicants may request three areas with Lot Choice 1 being their most desired area (type the color of the lot you want) and Lot Choice 3 being their least desired area. If you would only like the first option and do not wish to purchase a priority permit if your first choice isn't available, please type "KEEP CURRENT PERMIT" for Lot Choice 2 and 3. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a particular lot color, please indicate the lot/color wait list you would like to be added to. For example, if you selected yellow as your first choice and orange as your second choice, you could place yourself on the waiting list for the yellow lot and accept an orange lot permit to use until a permit for the yellow lot became available. You may only be on ONE wait list. Please do not list more than one area on the wait list.

The Transportation and Parking Committee reviews and makes recommendations on all aspects of transportation and parking on campus. The committee reviewed several options for the 2013 fiscal year in regards to Transportation and Parking Services' budgetary needs and forwarded several recommendations to the vice president of finance and administration. Those recommendations, which included changes to priority parking, were then vetted by the University's representative bodies. In addition, this past spring the committee asked the OHIO community to comment on its recommendations via a special website that included automated email links for feedback.

For more information, contact Parking Services at 740-593-1917.

Parking Services posts its parking-related information at www.facilities.ohiou.edu/parking. This website allows you to view your parking account, pay a citation online, appeal a citation, register a vehicle, request a permit, and much more.