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Russ College weaves “create for good” into new Web site launch

Following last fall's rollout of its new creative identity, "create for good," the Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Engineering and Technology has extended this messaging online with a complete redesign of its Web site, www.ohio.edu/engineering.

Featuring a mobile-responsive design to accommodate smartphones and tablets, the site was built as a comprehensive resource for prospective and current students as well as alumni, research sponsors, faculty and staff to learn how Russ College engineers and technologists create for good.

"In contrast to many engineering and technology college sites that are certainly very good at presenting basic information, we believe ours is unique in telling the story of our college: what we do and why we do it, and how our culture enables students, faculty and staff to collaborate in order to achieve their utmost potential and ultimately to create for good," said Russ College Dean Dennis Irwin.

The Russ College site was developed by local Web design firm Electronic Vision in coordination with the Office of Information Technology, led by the Russ College Office of External Relations. It incorporates multimedia, quick access to popular functions, and the modern look and feel of the college identity developed by Columbus-based brand agency Ologie in 2012.

"The new page is definitely geared towards students both prospective and current, with information about majors, events and opportunities right at the click of a button," said rising senior chemical engineering student Colton Moran. "I know I will get more use out of the new site."

Create for good describes both the function and culture of the Russ College, where engineers and technologists learn how to effectively collaborate on technical designs that improve daily life and how to create for the next generation by keeping sustainability front-of-mind.

"The redesign of the Russ College Web site provides students and families insight into the role of the engineer in society, which is critical as the world moves toward a sustainable, cost-efficient and technology driven future," said Deborah McAvoy, associate professor and new chair of the civil engineering department. "Engineers have struggled with positive identities in the past, and this site emphasizes how our engineers create for good across society."

The site offers users a conversation, engaging them in this process of big-picture thinking. Students, faculty and staff are prominently featured in photography, offering a virtual sense of the physical space that houses the college in Stocker Center and the Academic & Research Center. They often appear in teams or working together, showing the collaborative nature that permeates the college's technical strengths.

"We are an engineering and technology college," said Colleen Carow, director of external relations for the Russ College. "We wanted to develop a contemporary site featuring innovations such as our multimedia page, robust news center and our interactive 'about' page —and doing it all in a responsive format — while using conversational tone that demonstrates our collaborative community."

Upcoming refinements and updates to the site include extending the new look, feel and philosophy to the college's department and center sites for the fall semester, as well as expanding the breadth of student, faculty and staff resources.