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Convocation floor

Members of the class of 2013 file into the Convocation Center to receive their degrees.

Photographer: Chris Franz

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2013 Undergraduate Commencement in pictures

Nearly 3,300 undergraduates received their degrees in commencement exercises on Saturday, May 4. For those participating in one of the two ceremonies, it was a day of many emotions: joy, wistfulness, impatience. Here is a chronicle of the morning ceremony as captured by Compass' photographers.


Anywhere you looked in Athens on Saturday morning, you saw caps and gowns. Soon-to-be-graduates streamed toward the Convocation Center, many in custom-decorated mortarboards. Photo by Chris Franz.

Below the Convo

In the staging area below the Convocation Center, students gathered by college (and, in the case of larger colleges like the Scripps College of Communication) by section of the alphabet. Photo by Samantha Owens.

Picture taking

Cameras, tablets and cell phones—all were in heavy use as proud families and faculty froze moments in time on this special day. Photo by Chris Franz.

Group shot

School of Visual Communication graduates (from left) Meg Roussos, Meg Vogel, Erin Corneliussen, Alex Goodlett and Michelle Kappeler sneak a quick picture together while waiting in line to proceed into the Convocation Center during the morning commencement ceremony. Photo by Samantha Owens.

Walking in at last!

At last, it was time to begin the long walk from the parking lots to the Convo floor. Photo by Ben Siegel.

Happy graduates

These almost-graduates couldn't contain their excitement! Photo by Ben Siegel.

At the portal

It took a little over 20 minutes for grads to file in from the staging area below the Convo and onto the floor. The emergence of the first students was met with cheers, whistles and applause. As they emerged into the bright lights of the Convocation Center floor, graduates smiled and waved for family seated high above. Many were on cell phones with their families: "OK, I'm coming through now..." Photo by Chris Franz.

National anthem

Raymond Wolfe, who received a bachelor’s degree in choral music education, performed the National Anthem, accompanied by the Ohio University Wind Symphony. Cadets in OHIO’s ROTC program presented the colors. Photo by Chris Franz.

Zach George

Student Senate President Zach George told his fellow graduates that their time at Ohio University had given them the opportunity to fail—to be "embarrassing losers"—and learn from mistakes. Photo by Ben Siegel.


Newly minted graduate Taylor Kopf hugs her uncle Jeff Gill after the morning commencement ceremony was finished. The commencement ceremonies were held in the Convocation Center in two different shifts at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Photo by Samantha Owens.