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Air Travel Support Program available to faculty and staff

Funds are available to support trips to the Washington D.C. area (including Dulles, BWI, but not Reagan International) on the University's King Air plane. Activities that are allowable under this program include meetings with sponsors or potential collaborators. http://www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm

The Air Travel Support Program is designed to assist faculty and full‐time administrative staff at Ohio University in supporting their research and creative activity. Funds are available to support trips to the Washington, DC area (including Dulles, BWI, but not Reagan International) on the University’s KingAir plane. Activities that are allowable under this program include meetings with sponsors or potential collaborators.

All flight costs will be covered by this program. In addition, up to $100 can be reimbursed for ground transport or lodging expenses via the VP for Research Office upon request. Incidentals, such as meals and other out of pocket costs during travel must be covered by the traveler or their unit. 

Faculty who do not hold a tenure track appointment must contact the program coordinator for special permission to be considered.

General Rules

This program funds air travel on the University KingAir plane for the purpose of meeting with potential sponsors or collaborators in the DC area only. Requests for other types of visits (not different location) may be approved by the program coordinator.

The intent is for the plane to make two trips per month to the Washington D.C. area, depending on faculty/staff interest. The trip length can be one or two days (one night), depending on the goals of the trip and itinerary. To schedule a flight, at least four people must travel. If an individual or group wants to tentatively reserve a flight but does not have four people, the program coordinator will try to find additional travelers. Once a flight is scheduled, the date will be posted to www.ohio.edu/research/funding.cfm and others may request a seat (up to 9 seats total).


To participate, travelers must email a proposal to the program coordinator, including the number of people traveling and description of the goals of the trip and meeting contacts. Following the trip, the travelers must email a final itinerary, with major goals accomplished, to the program coordinator.

Questions and Proposals should be addressed to the program coordinator: Eleni Zulia, 740‐593‐0929, zulia@ohio.edu101 Research and Technology Center.