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Painting, maintenance will affect parking availability

UPDATED May 13, 2013

UPDATE 5/13/13: To access a Google Map of closed and open lots on your mobile device, visit http://goo.gl/maps/HPvqk. This map also is included at the bottom of this page.

Also, be aware that construction on the southwest side of campus may cause temporary lane or street closures on University Terrace and South Green Drive. Watch #OhioUBuilds on Twitter for up-to-date traffic information.

Although many of Ohio University's residential parking garages will be open for use this summer, each will be closed at some point for painting and maintenance. Transportation and Parking Services has released its summer garage and maintenance schedule, so please be aware of when garages and lots will be closed for maintenance.

Garages on West, South and East greens will be available for those with faculty/staff and valid summer student parking permits from early May through mid-August. That will make up for spaces lost in lots that are closing permanently or temporarily for construction projects around campus. (Click here for information.)

Below is the summer garage and lot closing schedule. Lot and garage closures also are listed on Compass' Announcements page. Lot painting depends on the weather, so those dates are subject to change. If you have questions, contact Parking Services at (740) 593-1917.

All/most of the summer

  • Sargent, Ryors and Boyd garages and Lot 119 (Boyd/Treudley) will be inaccessible all summer because Oxbow Trail will be closed during the rehabilitation of the Oxbow Bridge on Richland Avenue. These garages will reopen on August 21.
  • Lot 133 will be closed until January 2014 during construction of the Multipurpose Pavilion.
  • Lots 79, 81 and 82 will be closed permanently as part of Phase I of the Housing Development Plan.
  • Lot 50 is closed until August 20 for expansion.
  • Lot 55 is closed until July 10 for expansion

Painting/maintenance schedule

  • May 2–5: Convocation Center garage closed for commencement.
  • May 6: Baker garage closed for cleaning.
  • May 6–10: Nelson, Jefferson, Convocation Center and James garages closed for painting.
  • May 13–14: Baker garage closed for painting.
  • May 15: Handicap spaces at 31 S. Court and HDL Center to be painted.
  • May 17: Lot 145 and 148 to be painted; metered and handicap spaces in Lot 145 closed. (These are lots around the Facilities buildings behind the Ohio University Credit Union on S. Shafer St.)
  • May 20: Lot 109 (University Garage) closed for painting.
  • May 21: Lot 110 (small lot by the Physical Plant) closed for painting.
  • May 22: Lot 111 (large lot stretching from Physical Plant to Convo) closed for painting.
  • May 23: Lot 129 (Convo inner lot) closed for painting.
  • May 24: Metered spaces at Stocker Center, Gamertsfelder Hall and Weld Hall closed for painting. 
  • May 26: Lot 132 (Peden) closed for painting.
  • May 29: Lot 87 (Ping Center) closed for painting.
  • May 30: Part of Lot 93 (tennis courts) and all of Lot 58 (on S. Green Drive behind Doug and Wray houses) will be closed for painting.
  • May 31: Lot 90 (Morton) closed for painting.
  • June 3: Lot 43 (McCracken Hall) closed for painting.
  • June 4: Lots 36 and 37 (Student Health Center) closed for painting.
  • June 5: Lot 39 (Seigfred) closed for painting.
  • June 6: Lot 83 (Clippinger Annex) closed for painting.
  • June 10: Lot 211 (priority lot by Voinovich Center) closed for painting.
  • June 11: Mail Services Center visitor spaces closed for painting.
  • June 12: Lot 122 (Baker surface lot) closed for painting.
  • August 22: Bromley Hall lot closed for painting.

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Building OHIO's Future

Click here for more information on this summer's construction projects.

What about accessibility?

According to Marty Paulins, director of Transportation and Parking Services, none of the parking lots that will be closed either temporarily or permanently offers handicap-accessible spots. Several handicap-only parking spots will be added to the Nelson Commons Garage, though, as the South Green area has few such spots now. In addition, two handicap-only parking spaces will be added to Lot 133 (the small Peden lot) when it is reopened in January 2014.

Baker University Center will remain the primary accessible pedestrian route between Upper and Lower Campus. Be advised, however, that in the summer Baker closes at 6 p.m. Mon.–Sat. and is closed all day on Sunday.

Employees with questions or concerns about accessibility issues should contact the Office for Institutional Equity, Crewson House, 593-1007. Students with accessibility concerns should contact the Office for Disability Services, 348 Baker University Center, 593-2620.