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Your OHIO Film Festival People's Choice winner announced

Megan Dzurec's Most Heartfelt video receives most votes

Megan Dzurec's video took the People's Choice prize in the Your OHIO Film Festival. The week-long contest ended on Friday at 5 p.m. 

Dzurec, who won the Most Heartfelt category of the festival, was up for votes along with the other three category winners. One "Like" on a video equaled one vote, and with almost 200 votes, Dzurec won the contest. 

She will receive an iPad (16GB with Retina Display) for her prize. Dzurec had a choice between the iPad and a Kindle Fire HD (16GB, 8.9"). 

Watch her video above. 

The Your OHIO Film Festival began earlier this semester when students, alumni and friends took up their cameras and submitted videos. Sponsored by University Communications and Marketing, the contest yielded winners in four categories: Bobcat Pride, Most Creative, Most Humorous and Most Heartfelt. The category winners were chosen by the Dean Team, the social media interns in the Office of the Dean of Students. 

Category winners were:

Sharron Sturgeon, Bobcat Pride (http://youtu.be/ENUqeBnTe5E

Lo Martinez, Most Creative (http://youtu.be/zh36u9daNXc

Sarah Herbert, Most Humorous (http://youtu.be/9KmixKWE4Yw)  

Megan Dzurec, Most Heartfelt