International Street Fair parade

International students wave their nations' flags in the parade that kicks off the International Street Fair.

Photographer: Chris Franz


Many organizations offer food from their homelands during the street fair.

Photographer: Chris Franz

Crowd shot of the street fair

Despite chilly April temperatures, crowds thronged to Court Street for the fair.

Photographer: Chris Franz

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International Street Fair brings the world to Court Street

2013’s International Week at Ohio University culminated Saturday, April 20, with the International Street Fair.

The fair took place on Court Street from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. and featured many of Ohio University’s international student groups and organizations. It is sponsored by the International Student Union, the International Student and Faculty Services and the International Week Committee.

“The organizations on display at the International Street Fair are all a part of the International Student Union,” said Camila Esquivel, president of the International Student Union. “They bring traditional food and cultural heritage to share with the Athens public.”

The goal is to involve the Athens community with international culture and people.

“The street fair makes people appreciate and recognize the diversity at Ohio University,” said Anne Oros of the Southeast Asian Studies Association.

Among those participating were members of the Japanese Student Association, which has been part of the fair since 2000. Erika Toguchi said the Japanese Student Association is open to all Ohio University students and meets weekly to learn about cultural Japanese customs.

“The street fair is a great way for us to promote our association and share our great traditions,” she said.

In his opening remarks, Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis welcomed the crowd and described International Week as one of the most important events at Ohio University.

“When we all come together like this, we begin to understand that the world is getting smaller,” he said. “The more we get to know each other, the more peace we bring throughout the world.”