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Ron Kroutel to discuss naked bodies in figure painting today

Nudes and sex saturate our culture today, but the naked body is usually used to sell a product or service.

Is it still possible to paint a nude and avoid exploitation? Ron Kroutel, Professor Emeritus of Painting at Ohio University, will talk about how he approaches this daunting issue at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, April 4 in the Christine Demler Brown Center for Art inside the Kennedy Museum of Art.
Kroutel attended The Art Institute of Chicago for studio art courses in painting and drawing and The University of Chicago for academic courses. In 1966 he took a position at Ohio University where he was chair of painting, drawing and foundations for many years.

Nationally and internationally exhibited with more than 35 solo exhibitions, Kroutel has been awarded three Ohio Arts Council Fellowships, an Arts Midwest NEA Fellowship and numerous prizes and awards.

The talk is presented by Friends of Kennedy Museum. Free and metered parking is available for all evening events. For more information, call 740-593-1304.