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Alumni recruiting high school students via The Postcard Project

Ohio University alumni from across the nation are reaching out to newly admitted students to encourage them to attend their alma mater through The Postcard Project. 

Established in 2009, the project was created as an integral component of Undergraduate Admission's recruitment efforts through the Volunteer Alumni Admissions Network (VAAN). 

"It is amazing that our alumni take the time to give back to the University," Katie Troyer, assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions said. "It is so inspiring to see how much pride our alumni take in the future of Ohio University."

This year more than 600 alumni volunteered, writing more than 6,200 postcards to newly admitted students through the winter and spring months when high school seniors are in the final stages of choosing where to attend. Since newly admitted students are typically looking at other colleges and universities, congratulations on their admission from OHIO alumni can make all the difference on their final college decision. 

"Students have contacted our office to express their excitement when they receive the postcard in the mail," Troyer said. "It's hard to tell who enjoys this project more—the students or the alumni!"

Alumna Jessie Hoffman has been participating in the project each year since she graduated with her bachelor degree in Hearing, Speech, and Language Sciences in 2008, and while obtaining her master degree in Speech-Language Pathology, which she completed in 2011.

"I jumped at the opportunity to encourage potential students to become Bobcats," alumna Jessie Hoffman said. "The Postcard Project is a great way for me to give back to the University that has given me so much. I already brag about the University to everyone I know, so I might as well take a moment to write those points down and share them with future students!" 

Like Hoffman, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations and Executive Director of the Ohio University Alumni Association Jennifer Neubauer believes that maintaining a strong relationship between students and alumni is crucial to the success of Ohio University. 

"Students are future alumni. To have access to alumni now is to give students an opportunity to see how they can be engaged after they graduate and that their relationship with Ohio University is one that can last long after they receive their diploma," Neubauer said. "Alumni give back to the institution every day –through their investments of time, talent and treasure. Those investments have allowed OHIO University to grow and prosper and meet the needs of the students we serve."

Alumni who are interested in helping to recruit future students can learn more about VAAN by visiting http://www.ohio.edu/admissions/vaan/.