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Spring 2013 issue of Ohio Today

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Spring 2013 issue of Ohio Today now available

Think you know everything about your colleagues on campus? Well, have you heard of the aquatic ape? Do you know which professor can build a whale puppet in one night? And who has a plant with a brain – or at least, once claimed to have one?

Read about these unique moments in the classroom and more in the feature story “The Dean Came to Visit … And I Lectured on the Aquatic Ape” in the Spring 2013 issue of Ohio Today. This issue of Ohio Today will be available on campus and distributed in faculty and staff mailboxes this week.

Pick up a copy of the magazine to learn more about continuing developments in the university’s fundraising effort,The Promise Lives Campaign, and how it is supporting innovative professors in the Russ College.

Also in this issue, take a behind-the-scenes look at two presidential visits, from past to present; learn more about the history of the Black Alumni Reunion and its returning alumni; and get to know more about Jennifer Neubauer, the first woman to lead the Ohio University Alumni Association as executive director, and her vision for the future.

All these stories and much more can be found in the Spring 2013 issue of Ohio Today, which is published by the Ohio University Division of University Advancement for alumni and friends of Ohio University.

The magazine is funded by The Ohio University Foundation and is mailed to alumni and friends free of charge in fall and spring.

To read the magazine online, click here.