Graduate Teaching Awards

Mathematics instructor Meryl Weaver receives her award

Photographer: Samantha Owens

Graduate Teaching Awards

Kevin Hales has done extensive research in Africa

Photographer: Samantha Owens

Graduate Teaching Awards

Mechanical Engineering instructor Alex Lunka smiles as he is congratulated by the audience on Thursday

Photographer: Samantha Owens

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Ceremony honors Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award winners

This year's Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award recipients are Jennifer Bauer, Alex Lunka, Kevin Hales and Meryl Weaver. 

A reception was held in their honor on Thursday in the Faculty Commons in Alden Library. Each recipient is awarded $500 and a framed certificate at the reception. 

This unique program was established in 1987 to recognize the high quality in teaching of graduate teaching assistants. Students are asked to vote for their favorite graduate teaching associates through an online ballot. 

The Graduate Associate Outstanding Teaching Award Selection Committee interviews the top nominees and observes them during their classes. Afterward, the list of potential recipients is narrowed down to four winners. 

Tim Vickers, the director of the Center of Teaching and Learning, said that graduate teaching assistants do important work while facing many challenges. 

"Many of them are full-time students doing their own research and writing a dissertation, while trying to teach and working with the extra challenge of authority. [This award] is a wonderful way for the university to recognize and celebrate their teaching," Vickers said.

Bauer received her bachelor's degree in biology with a minor in geology at the University of Illinois. She works at the Stigall Lab and is expected to complete her master's in the spring of 2014. 

Lunka teaches courses in mechanical engineering.

Hales earned his master's degree in history at North Carolina Central University and was involved in two Fulbright programs in which he performed research in west and southern Africa. 

Weaver teaches courses in mathematics and is the graduate assistant with the Ohio University's Women's Golf team.