Geoff Buckley

Geoff Buckley

Photo courtesy of: Department of Geography

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Science Cafe discussion to address urban sustainability issues April 3

Ohio University Professor of Geography Geoff Buckley will host a Science Café discussion at 5 p.m. Wednesday, April 3. He will present "Urban Sustainability: Challenges and Opportunities for the
21st century," in the Baker University Center Front Room.

"We need to make cities more livable places to attract people to live a lifestyle that is a lot healthier and a lot more environment-friendly," Buckley said.

Sustainability is seen largely as an environmental issue, but Buckley attests that there are two other components involved in sustainability.

"To truly be sustainable, you need to address economic and equity issues as well," Buckley said. "If we can figure out a way to live more sustainably in the urban and suburban context, we could make some incredible strides."

Science Cafés are a venue for students interested in the sciences and engineering to participate in a conversational exchange with faculty, staff and the community in an informal setting.