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Energy efficiency for the home session is April 30

The Ecology and Energy Conservation Committee (EECC) of Ohio University, in cooperation with the Office of Sustainability, is holding an educational session for Ohio University employees and students addressing cost effective home upgrades resulting in decreased utility bills.

Not only can employees and students learn how to lower energy consumption through increased efficiency of appliances, they will also learn simple habits that can help save money and have the chance to win a free home energy audit ($500 value!). The event will take place noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday, April 30 in Baker University Center 240.

This session will be presented by the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD) and will include a presentation by OHIO's Executive Director of Facilities Management Mike Gebeke about the university's current energy-saving initiatives. COAD will be sharing information on energy audits and common household inefficiencies.

They will also provide helpful energy reduction tips to participants for use in their homes. The session will also feature a video of a local home energy audit that highlights the energy audit process and provides tips for home energy efficiency. The session will conclude with an interactive Q&A so bring your energy savings questions (or a copy of your energy bill) to make the most of your time with COAD's energy experts.

According to COAD, home energy audits take into account a variety of home attributes such as the physical data of the house, geographies, utility costs, and costs of modified systems and technology (retrofits) to show how a house currently performs and what can be done to effectively reduce energy use in the house.

"An example of an energy audit would be testing the safety and performance on a heating system including air leakage," explained GH Runevitch, COAD training and technical manager. "After the audit, homeowners work with results to remedy any efficiency problems."  

"This event will explain the audit process to our faculty, staff and students so it becomes less intimidating and, hopefully, offers a realistic solution to energy waste in the home," said Annie Laurie Cadmus, Director of Sustainability. "We hope that the video and presentations will make energy upgrades in the home a more tangible option."

Steve Scanlan, EECC chair, said "EECC members have done a great job working with COAD to put on what should be an outstanding event and an important education and outreach component of the university's mission toward sustainability and reducing our climate change footprint. As a university standing committee devoted to addressing energy and environmental issues on campus and in the larger community, the EECC excited to put on the event."

This event is free to all Ohio University employees and students. To reserve a spot for this event, participants can email Sustainability@ohio.edu. All session participants can enter a raffle for a free Home Energy Audit valued at $500. Attendees are invited to bring their own lunch.