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Branding OHIO: It's you

Throughout the year, I've shared information about branding in general as well as the process we've undertaken to refocus and reposition OHIO's brand. I've shared some of the findings from research regarding how we are perceived as a University in the minds of prospective students as well as current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Members of our University community have shared their feedback regarding OHIO's personality, and their input has helped to guide the creative direction of new promotional materials that are being developed by University Communications and Marketing

This week, UCM shared a special teaser trailer that was designed to capture the essence of the University's vision to become the nation's best student-centered, transformative learning community and share a glimpse of the new marketing campaign for Ohio University slated to debut in the fall. 

The new campaign is based on research that revealed that the heart of Ohio University is rooted in providing an accessible, engaging student experience that fosters the uniqueness of individuals and empowers them to transform their aspirations into achievements. 

Current students share similar descriptions of this place and how it transcends their thinking about the typical college experience. Feedback has included comments about Ohio University such as: "The best decision of my life." "Big range of opportunities to fit diverse interests." "You belong." "There's a place for you" "It's the right place for me." 

When describing the OHIO academic experience, students say things like: "Professors really want to help you." "They prepare (students) for the world." "They help students become the best they can be." 

What will you see in the fall?

When undergraduate enrollment marketing gets underway, you'll see new TV commercials that are authentic expressions of our students' impressions of this place. You'll hear them describe the beauty of campus, the welcoming community environment and the impact that supportive professors have on their academic outlook, achievement, and success. 

Our message is that at Ohio University, you can be yourself and become your best self. It's the right fit. It's you.