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Betty Woodley

Betty Woodley

Photographer: Chris Franz

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Great job Betty Woodley!

Meet the March 2013 Classified Employee of the Month

Compass features a Q&A with the non-bargaining Classified Employee of the Month. Each month, Classified Senate selects an employee to acknowledge and recognize as someone who is setting high standards for excellence and innovation. The monthly feature, titled "Great Job," will provide a glimpse into the honoree's life on and off campus.

How surprised were you to win the Classified Employee of the Month award?

I was totally surprised.

What is your job title and how long have you worked it?

I've been an administrative associate in OU-HCOM Office of Student Affairs for five years.

What are the most enjoyable things about your job?

Working with the students and co-coordinating the OU-HCOM Commencement program.

What is your hometown and where do you live now?

Bradford, Pa. and Albany, Ohio.

What are your long-term goals in life?

Retirement and spending time with my grandchildren.

What was the last good book you read?

"Safe Haven" by Nicholas Sparks.

If you weren't in your present job, you would be a ...?

Travel agent. I spent 23 years working in the travel industry before moving to the Athens area.

What things in life are the most important to you?

Family and friends.

Where is your favorite vacation destination and why?

Key West, Fla. It has sun, sand and music.

What are your hobbies?

Baking, reading and watching NFL Football.

What is something that most people don't know about you?

I can ride a unicycle.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Big Bang Theory, American Idol and Hell's Kitchen.

What is your favorite type of music?

Country music.

What is the next big event you can't wait for and why?

The birth of my third grandson in July.

Who are your favorite celebrities and why?

Oprah Winfrey – she's just amazing.

What is your dream car/truck/SUV?

I would like a Jeep CJ5 or BMW Z4.

What is your favorite quote?

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything" – Mark Twain.