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Alessandro Brogi to discuss America's confrontation with the eurocommunists

Author Alessandro Brogi will present "The Power of Dissent: America's Confrontation with the Eurocommunists" at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, April 18, at Bentley Hall 135.

He will address how the Western Communists' relative autonomy from, or adaptations of Moscow's directives affect US anti-communist strategies in Western Europe during the 1960's and '70's.

Brogi's latest book analyzes left-wing anti-Americanism in France and Italy during the Cold War, and U.S. reactions and strategies to stop the advance of communism in both countries. The book is titled "Confronting America: The Cold War between the United States and the Communists in France and Italy."

The book won the Charles Smith Award by the Southern Historical Association. His first book, in Italian, analyzes U.S.-Italian relations in the early Cold War, and is titled "L'Italia e l'egemonia americana nel Mediterraneo (Italy and American Hegemony in the Mediterranean)." The book was finalist for the book prize Acqui Storia, and a finalist for the OAH foreign book prize.

His second book is titled "A Question of Self-Esteem: The United States and the Cold War Choices in France and Italy, 1944-1958." He has also published several articles on U.S.-European relations in journals including the prime, Diplomatic History, Cold War History, and the Journal of Cold War Studies.

Brogi was at Yale University as lecturer and John Olin Fellow in International Security Studies in 1999-2002. At the University of Arkansas since 2002, he also held a position as visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center, Italy, in the fall of 2004, and was awarded a resident research fellowship by the Norwegian Nobel Institute in Oslo (spring 2007). Brogi received two PhD's; one from the University of Florence in 1993 and the other from Ohio University in 1998.