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RecycleMania art installation to be built at Howard Hall site

Ever wondered what a few weeks of Ohio University's recycling really looks like? Wonder no more. 

On Monday, March 25, a visual representation of four weeks of #1 and #2 plastics collected on campus will be built between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the former Howard Hall site at the corner of College and Union streets.

The temporary sculpture will be a cylinder 16 feet in height and 50 feet in diameter comprised of 31,400 cubic feet of plastics bottles collected for recycling. It will remain in place through Friday March 29 and is titled, "It All Adds Up."

The sculpture grew out of a brainstorm session between Ohio University Campus Recycling student employees Cayle Adams, Sarah Maj and Jimmy Webster. The trio, along with University Campus Recycling Manager Andrew Ladd, were looking for a way to celebrate RecycleMania 2013.

They wanted to raise recycling consciousness and let everyone know that even what may seem a small effort of recycling one's personal waste stream, when combined with the efforts of others, adds up quickly to make a significant difference.

Along with the volume of recycled plastic bottles, the structure of the art installation will be made partially utilizing wood from waste pallets and all the educational signage will be painted on plywood recaptured from blown over baseball stadium fencing utilizing what was otherwise waste paint. At the end of the week the cylinder will be deconstructed. All the plastics will be recycled through the Athens Hocking Recycling Center, while the wood and other materials will be donated to a local charity.

What: "It All Adds Up." A RecycleMania art installation visually representing 4 weeks of plastic bottles captured at Ohio University for recycling.

Where: Howard Hall site at the corner of College and Union streets.

When: Construction will take place Monday, March 25, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The sculpture will be on site through the week and deconstructed Friday, March 29.

Who: Ohio University Campus Recycling
Contact: Andrew Ladd, Laddd@ohio.edu, 740-593-0231

RecycleMania is a friendly competition for college and university recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their campus communities. Over an 8-week period each spring, colleges across the United States and Canada report the amount of recycling of targeted materials and trash collected each week and are in turn ranked in various categories. With each week's updated ranking, participating schools follow their performance against other colleges and use the results to rally their campus to reduce and recycle more. Targeted materials are paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, steel and plastic. Winning schools receive an award made out of recyclable materials, and win the right to host that category's special traveling trophy for the coming year.