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Personalized Medical Guidance to be focus of Brunch or Lunch session

Have you ever looked at that bottle of prescription medication in your cabinet and wondered if there is a cheaper or more effective alternative? Or thought about your last doctor visit and realized that you didn’t quite understand everything you were told?

There’s no need to book a doctor’s appointment to answer such questions. If you work for Ohio University, all you need is a little PMG—Personalized Medical Guidance.

PMG is part of the University’s Impact Employee Assistance Program. By calling a toll-free number, any OHIO faculty or staff member (even those who have waived health coverage or are on Group III contracts) can talk with a doctor about any medical or health care concerns, free of charge. It’s not a substitute for a personal physician, but PMG can help you make the most of your access to healthcare.

Discover how PMG can help you navigate the healthcare system at a March 27 Brunch or Lunch sponsored by Ohio University Benefits and Impact Solutions, the provider of Ohio University’s EAP/ Work life program. You also can sign up for a 10-minute one-on-one session with a physician to learn more about the program.

For details and to register for the Brunch or Lunch or make a PMG appointment, visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/PMG_3-27-13.