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William and Pam Benoit

Pam Benoit (right), OHIO’s executive vice president and provost, and her husband, William, a professor of Communication Studies

Photographer: Ben Siegel

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Green and White Scholarship Fund receives $40,000 boost to help OHIO students facing emergencies

Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Professor William Benoit augment OHIO’s emergency scholarship fund

Ohio University is justly proud of the support it provides for its students in all facets of their education. However, there are times when students need additional assistance to help them weather the effects of a personal or family emergency that impinges on their ability to stay enrolled.

Ohio University maintains a scholarship fund to provide financial support for OHIO students and their families who are encountering financial difficulties. This fund, recently renamed the “Green and White Scholarship Fund,” received a significant enhancement when Pam Benoit, OHIO’s executive vice president and provost, and her husband, William, a professor of Communication Studies, gave $40,000 to The Ohio University Foundation in support of OHIO students who need short-term financial assistance to stay in school.

According to Valerie Miller, OHIO’s director of student financial aid and scholarships, the fund is important to her office’s ability to quickly assist students who find themselves in difficult financial straits.  

“The Benoits' generosity in contributing to this fund has laid a solid foundation in providing a resource we can utilize to help promote access and affordability for students who are experiencing unexpected hardships,” said Miller.

Each year, OHIO students face financial challenges stemming from the loss of a parent’s job, medical expenses from an illness, or other personal emergencies. In these situations, the Green and White Scholarship can help a student cover their educational expenses.

The fund provides $1,000 scholarships to offset tuition for full-time students who are experiencing financial hardships. Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships staff identify eligible students after a counseling session with the student or parent, and a response is usually provided within two business days.

“Bill and I knew that there was a need for more funding for student financial emergencies,” said Benoit. “Green and White Scholarships have helped students stay on track academically. We wanted to expand the available resources so that more students could be assisted.”   

Benoit noted that one of the chief goals of the University’s capital campaign is to provide increased scholarship assistance for students. “Bill and I have chosen to support the Green and White Scholarship fund but there are many other opportunities for faculty, staff, and alumni to contribute to the academic success of our students.” 

To make a gift in support of the Green & White Scholarship Fund or another Ohio University scholarship fund, please visit:  www.ohio.edu/give