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Business students to deliver consultancy services to global corporations

Ohio University College of Business students will gain consulting experience and knowledge through the Ohio International Consulting Program (OICP), a unique new initiative launched by the Center for International Business Education and Development (CIBED).

"The OHIO International Consulting Program unites business students and international corporations on a mission to provide real-world experience through a mutually beneficial relationship," Jeffrey Anderson, director of OICP, said. "The College of Business partners with these multinational companies while offering them the free consultancy services provided by their students."

The program will launch this summer and will provide services that match those of a paid consultancy group. Interactions in the project-based program will provide students with in-depth experience similar to that found when working in multinational corporations, facilitating the development of international and cross-cultural management skills that enhance personal and career performance.

"The primary goal of the OICP is to provide students with an experience that they remember as one of the most meaningful and important ones in their personal and professional development," College of Business Dean Hugh Sherman said. "The program allows students to leverage their business skills and develop new ones by interacting with culturally diverse students in a challenging international environment."

The students will participate in an eight to 12 week consulting project with an organization that operates in Ohio. Examples of possible projects include market research, product evaluation, supply chain examination, social media strategy and more. Upon completion of a project, business students will deliver an action-oriented report and presentation to the client.

Some of the expected clients for the OICP launch this summer include Honda R&D, Rocky Brands, Preformed Line Products and Whirlpool.

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