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Giving the gift of knowledge

Librarian and alumna helps students find resources, gives back to University Libraries

Standing patiently behind the reference desk on the second floor of Alden Library, Lorraine Wochna awaits questions from a multitude of Ohio University students regarding research. This is her comfort zone; this is where she shines. Wochna’s passion for providing University Libraries resources and thereby an enriching learning experience for OHIO students is based on her love for education, research and the arts.

Wochna received a master of library science degree from Pratt Institute in 1999 after a career in acting in New York City. She went on to earn a master of arts in theatre history and criticism from Ohio University in 2004 and is currently pursuing a master of arts in film.  

The degree in library science feeds her innate sense of curiosity and gives her the ability to help students with an array of research questions and projects in all areas of study.  

“I really like research and the process behind it. I always like to learn,” said Wochna.

Wochna has given to the University Libraries’ Dean’s Fund, a resource the libraries can readily tap to seize opportunities as they arise that benefits all who visit the library in person or via its website.

“I really like giving contributions that can aid someone else. I’m not giving thousands and thousands of dollars, but I feel like giving what I can is almost my duty. I am fortunate enough to have these resources and I like to help,” Wochna said.

Gifts by faculty and staff to funds like this supports The Promise Lives Campaign, Ohio University's current capital campaign that has raised more than $414 million toward its goal of $450 million by June 2015 in support of students, faculty, programs, facilities and community partnerships.

One of a librarian’s major responsibilities is working as a subject liaison to different disciplines. Wochna works in this capacity with the Department of English, School of Theater, School of Film and African American Studies. She can be found most of the time in the Reference and Instruction department. Here she helps students and the public locate resources in a vast variety of subjects and topics such as nanotechnology and history, elderly care and healthcare, or company histories.  

“I want people to come to the library and I want them to be supported,” Wochna said.

Wochna strives to make a difference through her donations to the University Libraries' Deans Fund.

“I hope my contributions will enable someone to come to the library and make a discovery,” she said.

The Promise Lives
Ohio University's current capital campaign, The Promise Lives Campaign, has raised more than $413 million toward its goal of $450 million by June 2015 in support of students, faculty, programs, facilities and community partnerships. 

Click here to learn about the University Libraries' priorities in the campaign.

Click here to learn more about The Promise Lives campaign.