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“Like” what you see on Compass?

New online feature lets readers share news on social media

If you like what you’re reading in Compass, you now can “like” it on Facebook, among other social media. All Compass articles now also include a “share” button for readers to post articles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networking sites.

This option is not only a great way to share OHIO news with social media followers, but also an important aspect of the University’s marketing efforts.

“Not only are today’s prospective students using social media as their primary communication and news tool but so are many of our current students,” said Renea Morris, executive director of University Communications and Marketing. “Enabling readers to share news about Ohio University via their favorite platform helps raise the University’s profile among our key audiences.”

Look for the sharing tools at the top right-hand side of Compass articles, just above the “Related Links” list.