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University increases media placements for fourth consecutive year

Number of social media followers also grows

The annual report "Ohio University in the Media," recently revealed that for the fourth consecutive year the University Communications and Marketing External Communications team promoted and pitched more OHIO stories to the state, national and international media than the previous year.

The University saw 11,335 media placements in 2012, a 3 percent increase over 2011. Of those placements, 10,575 (93 percent of total coverage) were either positive or balanced in tone, an approximately 8 percent increase over the 2011 totals.

"Repeated, positive impressions over time help build a reputation and earned media coverage is a great way to position your brand strategically," said Executive Director of University Communications and Marketing Renea Morris.

A few examples of 2012 balanced and positive stories included: the University to save estimated $38 million through new energy performance contract; Dublin to donate land for new medical campus, University receives grant to train new nurses; and Scripps journalism students to cover London games.

Ohio University experienced the second-highest share of coverage for similar state institutions of higher learning, second only to Ohio State.

A few of the outlets that featured OHIO stories in 2012 included: the Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, ABC News, US News & World Report, Columbus Dispatch, ESPN, MSNBC News, USA Today, CNN and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

OHIO pitched and promoted 79 experts to the media last year, resulting in 1,151 placements in national and worldwide outlets. The University also distributed 205 news releases in 2012.

"Every day we concentrate efforts on establishing more national prominence for Ohio University," said Communications Specialist Jennifer Krisch. "One of the very best ways we can do that is to promote the work of our quality faculty and researchers to the media as expert sources for their news and feature stories. OHIO has remarkable people doing remarkable work – we know that and we want the world to know it too."

Gains were also seen across the board with OHIO's social media presence. The University's official Facebook page increased from 30,740 fans at the end of 2011 to 38,015 by the end of 2012, a 19 percent increase. The University also increased Twitter followers from 16,306 to 24,231, a rise of 33 percent. OHIO's YouTube channel also increased from 96,590 views in 2011 to 111,977 in 2012, a 4 percent increase.

Click here to read the 2012 "OHIO in the Media" report.