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Glut of spring events to cause parking restrictions

Due to the semester calendar, a number of events that were traditionally held in May are moving to March and April. Many of these events will have an effect on Athens campus parking. As a result, members of the university community are likely to experience parking restrictions and lot closures in March and April.

In order to assist students, faculty and staff who regularly park on campus, information about parking restrictions and lot closure announcements will be posted in Compass and on the Transportation and Parking Services website. In addition, there will be lot closure signage for specific events at the entrances to the parking lots.

Listed below are events that will have an impact on campus parking this spring. Your patience and assistance are appreciated as we work to meet the needs of our visitors alongside those of our students, faculty and staff.

Date: Feb 26 to Mar 16
Event: High School Basketball Tournaments
Parking Areas Affected: Convocation Center, Peden, Walter, West Green

Date: April 5-7
Events: Moms Weekend
Parking Areas Affected: All of campus

Date: April 11 (Thursday)
Events: Student Creativity Expo
Parking Areas Affected: Convocation Center

Date: April 12 (Friday)
Events: Impact 2013 and Ohio Up Close
Parking Areas Affected: Convocation, West Green, majority of areas in central campus

Date: April 13
Events: Spring Football Game, Number Fest
Parking Areas Affected: Peden and surrounding areas

Date: April 19-21
Events: Kids Fest, Palmer Fest
Parking Areas Affected: Convocation, lower Seigfred

Date: April 27
Events: Triathlon
Parking Areas Affected: Walter, Peden

Date: May 1-4
Events: Graduation
Parking Areas Affected: West Green