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New year, new information

Note these changes in university policies and procedures for 2013

With the beginning of a new year and a new semester, several university divisions have announced changes that affect the university community.

University Human Resources

  • Policy 40-063: Flexible Work Schedule, Flexible Work Hours, and Flexplace for Administrators is now in effect. This policy—which enables employees to arrange alternate schedules or to work off-site—supports work-life balance. Read the policy and download required forms at www.ohio.edu/policy/40-063.html. The flex policy for classified staff is under review.
  • Beginning last month, Ohio University salaried employees have been switched to a semimonthly pay cycle. They will now be paid on the 15th and the last day of each month. This adjustment allows the university to move toward a consolidated approach to payrolls, which increases functionality and reduces administrative costs.

Information Technology

  • The university has replaced McAfee VirusScan with Sophos Anti Virus for work and home use. OIT will work with departments and departmental IT staff to install the new software on university-owned computers. Sophos is available free of charge for personal, home use from the OIT Web site. Anyone who is still using McAfee on a personally owned computer should uninstall it and install Sophos in its place.  To learn more, visit www.ohio.edu/oit/sophos/.
  • In late spring, login requirements for the university’s Oracle e-Business suite—including the My Personal Information Web tool at www.ohio.edu/ebiz/myhr.html—will change. Any employee wishing to access the system after that point must have secret challenge questions and an OHIO ID password that is at least eight characters long, including at least one number and at least one letter. To set secret challenge questions, visit https://webapps.ohio.edu/myid/.
  • The system will ask for an updated password during the secret question setup. Passwords that meet the new complexity requirements can be reused. Employees whose old passwords do not meet the new requirements should have all their mobile devices at hand before starting the password change process. For instructions on updating passwords on mobile devices, visit the OIT Web site.