Nick Kellogg

Students like Nick Kellogg have benefited from gifts made to the Ohio Bobcat Club by more than 4,250 donors during the campaign. These gifts total over $18.1 million in support.

Photographer: Joel Hawksley

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University’s ambitious fundraising campaign is a Promise — to students, faculty and alumni

Ohio University has a vision: to be the best student-centered learning experience in America. This vision comes from the university's rich history, its creative and engaged faculty, and its unique and distinct students, who come to our campuses curious about who they will become and which profession they will endeavor to pursue. To power this vision, Ohio University has embarked on The Promise Lives Campaign, an ambitious $450 million fundraising effort.

The Promise Lives Campaign supports student access to and opportunity for an Ohio University education, the promise that is at the university's core. The campaign supports inspired discovery by our faculty who perform innovative research and engage in creative activity. It supports the cultivation of learning and fosters an outstanding academic and student-life experience. It supports the care and keeping of the university's infrastructure and the enrichment of all campus environments. And it supports a strong community through collaborative outreach and partnerships.

The Fall 2012 issue of Ohio Today tells these stories of the promise that is alive at Ohio University. Within its pages, you can meet student scientists, athletes and scholars; visionary faculty and alumni; and learn about Ohio University's commitment to its place and to its community.

The full slate of stories can be accessed online as well. To learn more about the campaign, click here.

Supporting Our Students:
The Sweetest Number

The OHIO men's basketball team soared to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA's tournament earlier this year and junior sports administration major Nick Kellogg, a guard on the team, said that experience was surreal.

"As we were winning and progressing, it felt 50 percent like we belonged and 50 percent like magic," he said. "We had moments when we would look at each other and say, 'This is pretty crazy!'"

Kellogg said the team can thank the coaching staff for being the glue that kept them together and grounded. They were reminded throughout the run that as Ohio students and players, they were experiencing something bigger than themselves: They were becoming part of the university's history.

"We took one game at a time. We believed in each other. All the guys on the team were on the same page while on the court," he said.

What's Kellogg's takeaway from that experience as he begins another year of OHIO basketball?

"The time spent together on that journey — all the practices and road trips — that means a lot to me. It's a special group of guys. It was about more than x's and o's," he said.

Supporting Our Faculty:
Beyond the Classroom

Associate Professor of Psychology Julie Sarno Owens puts into practice what she teaches. She developed and directs the Youth Experiencing Success in School program, a university-community partnership that puts proven interventions to work for students with disruptive behavior problems in Southeast Ohio schools.

Over the last 10 years, Y.E.S.S. has benefited undergraduate and graduate students studying psychology by offering them a chance to conduct cutting-edge research and engage in an innovative training experience.

"It's a great example of practice feeding science and science feeding practice," Owens said.

In 2009, Owens and her colleague Professor Steven Evans launched the Center for Intervention Research in Schools, or CIRS, a "solution tank" for creating and evaluating school-based interventions for youth with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and disruptive behavior problems. In September 2012, the Ohio University Board of Trustees passed a resolution that formerly established the Center.

The department opened a new, state-of-the-art research facility in 2008, giving much-needed space to CIRS for its operations and staff. Ohio University supports faculty research in the department by maintaining a reasonable teaching load expectation, providing annual travel funds for attending conferences and running a faculty mentoring program, Owens said.

"The annex to Porter Hall is entirely dedicated to research," Owens said. "It's this kind of support that allows us to broaden the impact of our work."

And in 2011 the Office of the Vice President for Research leased space in Columbus to support research by Ohio University faculty. Now CIRS is running three grant-funded projects in the space.

Julie's vision? To leverage the recognition Y.E.S.S. received when it was added to the Ohio Mental Health Network for School Success Quality and Effective Practice Registry and expand the program for all children in need.