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Renea Morris

Renea Morris

Photo courtesy of: University Communications and Marketing

Appalachia Rising book cover

Appalachia Rising Book Cover

Graphic courtesy of: Ohio University Communications and Marketing

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Branding OHIO: Appalachia Rising personalizes OHIO’s brand

A brand is personal. It makes an emotional connection. It knows its audience and speaks their language. To be effective, it must be authentic and aligned with the values of the organization and how it is perceived in the marketplace.  

Ohio University continues to achieve success through its talented faculty, staff, students and alumni. With top rankings in the state for technology commercialization, record numbers of Fulbright Scholars and nationally competitive academic awards, and internationally recognized faculty researchers in areas such as alternative energy, paleontology, psychology, biology and engineering, opportunities to reinforce OHIO's brand abound.

What matters most in a brand is the promise it makes to its audiences. You know a brand is real when it engages the head and heart of its intended audience. For a college or university, a good brand helps a prospective student choose one institution over another. Without examples of the brand in action, there's a risk of missing a chance not only to be the single solution but also to make a personal connection with the intended audience.  

Branding efforts at the institutional level can boost the academic reputation of the entire University as well as individual colleges and units. Many of OHIO's programs and initiatives are captured in "Appalachia Rising," an award-winning Compass series repurposed into a book. Highlighting efforts ranging from adult literacy to future Appalachian women, "Appalachia Rising" has put a face on the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and community outreach, the Patton College of Education and educational enrichment, and the Russ College of Engineering and Technology and student leadership, to name a few examples. Stories about start-ups thriving in the Innovation Center and health initiatives improving the vitality of the community help define OHIO.

Published by Ohio University Press and available in early 2013, "Appalachia Rising" captures the essence of the University through the works and words of the people in and of the region – students, faculty, staff, alumni and others involved in support and revitalization.

Great stories start at Ohio University. It is the place to become empowered to transform aspirations into achievements and put values in action. "Appalachia Rising" does an effective job of demonstrating how OHIO is leading the way for transformation in the community, the region and the world.