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UHR posts further details on Winter Break Closure procedures

University Human Resources has posted further details on the use and reporting of vacation time during Winter Break Closure, Dec. 25 through Jan. 1.

Under the Winter Break Closure Policy, most employees must use vacation time for the fourth day of closure (Dec. 31), but some—depending on their length of service to the university—will be awarded an additional day of Winter Closure Time.

Lists of those employees who must use vacation time for Dec. 31 have been posted on the WBC page at www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/pto/wbc.cfm. There are separate Excel spreadsheet lists for Administrative, Classified and AFSCME employees, showing names, planning units, and applicable anniversary dates. Supervisors/timekeepers should refer to these lists to verify that they are reporting the correct time.

The WBC Guidelines page contains decision trees to help employees determine if they are eligible for additional Winter Break Closure time. Employees should check the newly posted lists to verify their status. If you think your name appears on a list in error, contact Nick Wortman at wortmann@ohio.edu.

Administrative employees will have the vacation day automatically “scooped” from their vacation balance, Wortman said. The time deduction should appear on the Jan. 15 pay stub.

In addition, UHR has posted details and examples for how Classified employees should enter Winter Break Closure time into Workforce. This information has been added to the WBC Guidelines at www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/pto/WBC_Guidelines.cfm.

The Winter Break Closure Policy states that Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 will continue to be provided as university holidays. The President’s Day holiday will be floated for use on Dec. 26. Employees will receive two additional days of paid time off. These days will be coded as Winter Closure Time for the second and third days of closure (Dec. 27 and 28).

Please consult the University Human Resources website at www.ohio.edu/hr/benefits/pto/wbc.cfm for additional information and guidance.

Employees with questions about the Winter Break Closure should contact Wortman.