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Winter Break Closure payroll reminders

The Payroll Office wants to remind the University community of the following important information for Winter Break Closure.

Pay Dates

  • The payday for employees who receive bi-weekly pay will fall on Dec. 28. Faculty and administrative pay distribution will take place on Dec. 31. The University will be closed on Dec. 28 and Dec. 31. Employees who use direct deposit will receive their pay as usual.

  • For employees who have not signed up for direct deposit, paychecks will be mailed to home addresses on Dec. 24. Employees who are paid bi-weekly will be able to cash their checks on Dec. 28. Faculty and staff will be able to cash their checks on Dec. 31. The timeliness of mail delivery may be affected by the holidays.

Employees and Supervisors Who Enter and Approve Time in Workforce

Workforce timesheets for pay period ending Dec. 29, should be completed and approved by the end of the day Dec. 24. There will be limited instances where employees will be required to work during the closure. Those timesheets can be approved when the University reopens on Jan. 2.

Please remember that approval reminders will auto generate from the system. Submitting approved timesheets by Dec. 24 will prevent the distribution of multiple reminders.

Payroll Office Coverage During Winter Break Closure

The Payroll Office will be closed starting on Tuesday, Dec. 25, and will reopen on Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013. Employees in need of assistance during the Winter Break Closure may call 740-593-1862 and leave a voice mail message.  

Office personnel will review voice mails to determine if immediate action is required (e.g. if an employee believes that she/he did not receive a December paycheck) or if the matter can wait until Jan. 2, 2013 (e.g. if an employee believes that the amount on her/his paycheck needs to be adjusted). Please be aware that all employment verifications will be addressed when the University reopens in January 2013.