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Nov. 16 is deadline for completion of Compensation 2014 and discrimination and harassment policy training for supervisors

Compensation 2014

University Human Resources appreciates the efforts of affected employees, supervisors, and planning unit heads in completing, reviewing, and approving COMPENSATION 2014 job questionnaires, but as the November 16 deadline for completion approaches, units are being asked for heightened attention to any remaining outstanding work.

All three stages in the process—employee, supervisor, reviewer—must be completed for each job questionnaire by Nov. 16.

On Oct. 26, questionnaires that were not completed by employees were pushed to their respective supervisors to complete. There will be a brief, separate process to capture information for jobs that have been filled since the middle of August 2012.
If you have questions about the job questionnaire process, please contact your Human Resources Management Group (HRMG) representative or Karen Hudson at hudson@ohio.edu.
Discrimination and harassment policy training

During the second week of September, information about mandatory discrimination and harassment policy online training was sent to all supervisors at Ohio University.

As of Oct. 26, the completion rate for the approximately 750 individuals who are required to undergo the training was 47 percent. The deadline for completion is Nov. 16.
If you have questions about the training, please contact your HRMG representative. If you experience technical difficulties in accessing or viewing the training, please contact Brent Patterson at pattersj@ohio.edu or the Blackboard Support team at http://www.ohio.edu/oit/bbsupport/contact.cfm/#Athens.