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Recreation studies students to host 5K Flour Run to help children in need

Five Ohio University recreation studies students will complete their class assignment by hosting a 5K Flour Run on Saturday Nov. 10 at the Athens Community Center. The event will begin at 10:30 a.m. and students and community members are encouraged to participate.

The average price of a bag of flour is $4.50, approximately the same amount of money that a person on food stamps receives for food each day.

When the group was faced with an assignment to plan an event, they originally planned to host a light-hearted color run, where participants dress in all white and end the run covered in colored powder. However, their discoveries about the realities of poverty led them to opt for flour instead of colored corn starch.

"By seeing participants covered in flour, a staple in most homes, we want people to look at it as a symbol of people out there who are struggling and need help," said Ohio University graduate student Julius Koehler. "We really wanted to do our part and help the people that are struggling in Athens County."

They are pairing up with the Southeastern Ohio Food Bank to raise funds to support the Backpack program, which provides nutritious meals during weekends and school vacations for students who receive free or reduced lunches.

"When I heard the backpack program was in the greatest need for funding, it really struck me because I have a 2-year-old daughter. Obviously you don't want to see anybody in a poverty situation or with food insecurities, especially children," said Koehler.

All proceeds with go to the Athens Backpack Program. There is an early registration fee of $15 and registration at the time of the event is $20.

"This is one of the most direct ways for people to give back to the community," said Koehler.

One dollar donated provides eight meals to local children, meaning that each participant can provide at least 120 meals for children in need.

For more information or to register for the event, click here.