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The College of Arts and Sciences: A world of opportunity

College Spotlight

With 18 departments, 67 majors and nearly 5,000 students, the College of Arts and Sciences is Ohio University's largest college, facilitating one third of all majors on the Athens campus.

Providing its own world of opportunities within the University, the college boasts a wide array of programs -- from women and gender studies to biology and economics. Of note are the college's Forensic Chemistry Program and its African American Studies Department, which are among the longest-standing programs of their kind in the nation.

To implement its core values of teaching, research and outreach, the College of Arts and Sciences relies heavily on its prolific faculty. These include NASA researcher Keith Milam, South African author Zakes Mda, political pundit Kevin Mattson and Antarctic explorer Lisa Crockett, among many others.

The college's academic offerings are strengthened through a variety of centers and institutes, such as the Contemporary History Institute, the Center for Intelligent Chemical Instrumentation, and the new Center for Law, Justice and Culture, which recently began recruiting its very first class.

Students also receive hands-on learning and training opportunities through the college's community outreach initiatives, which include psychological services provided to the local schools and county health department.

Many College of Arts and Sciences alumni have contributed to the legacy of Ohio University through their post-graduation accomplishments. Notable graduates include the 2009 Nobel Prize winner Venkatraman Ramakrishman and former speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives Larry Householder.

Read on to see what's happening in the College of Arts and Sciences. Or, for more information, visit http://www.cas.ohiou.edu/.

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