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JPAC car design

JPAC cruiser sketch

Photo courtesy of: JPAC

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Joint Police Advisory Council community forum is Oct. 11

The Joint Police Advisory Council will host an open community forum at 6 p.m. Oct. 11, at Walter Hall Rotunda.

The forum will provide an opportunity to community members to share issues of interest and/or concern to the JPAC Advisory Council and to learn more about police issues in the Athens community.

"This forum has been organized to solicit feedback directly from community members, and open up conversation around issues of concern to the community and the two police departments," said Ohio University Police Chief Andrew Powers.

Chief Powers said he looks forward to meeting with members of the local community about police issues.

"The Joint Police Advisory Council has been a valuable resource for identifying and addressing citizen concerns," Powers said. "I'm looking forward to this forum and the opportunity it presents for the police and the community to engage one another directly. I hope community members will take advantage of this chance to be heard."

The Joint Police Advisory Council was formed in part to help the police departments coordinate and prioritize their activities, based on community needs and expectations.

The JPAC, which was formed as a result of a new Ohio University-City of Athens Memorandum of Understanding, is charged with:

  • Developing and maintaining lines of communication between the City and University communities

  • Facilitating shared solutions and resources that best meets the needs of the community

The JPAC comprises both police chiefs and about 19 other members of the University and City communities. The members are appointed by Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis and Athens City Mayor Paul Wiehl.