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Inside the Cleveland-area special event: Bobcats Up Close

Nearly 100 Cleveland-area Ohio University alumni explored the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on Friday, Oct. 19 during "Bobcats Up Close." Developed by the Cleveland Regional The Promise Lives Campaign Committee, the event was hosted by the Ohio University Alumni Association (OUAA). Take a look at some evening's memorable moments.

Alumni event

Cleveland Regional Campaign Committee Co-chair Dee Wirkiowski delights in a specimen from one of the Museum's many living collections. An alumna of the College of Arts & Sciences, Wirkiowski and other attendees enjoyed the many live animals that mingled with guests.

Alumni event

From left: Alumnus Jason Nedley, his wife alumna Lisa Bonnay Nedley, alumna Lawanna White, and alumnus Gary Nickerson visit in the Sears Hall of Human Ecology, where guests could see how humans have interacted with the natural world around them. Plants and animals and artifacts from 11 cultures from North and South America, Mesoamerica, Africa, Australia, and New Guinea are represented.

Alumni event

Dave Marks, husband of alumna Jamie Marks, and his son, Lincoln, take in one of the Museum's exhibits. Permanent galleries like this one deal with ecology, evolution, dinosaurs, anthropology, cultures, insects and more.

Alumni event

A triceratops in the Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life provides a backdrop for alumna Katie Stupansky and her husband Richard. Alumni attending Bobcats Up Close were able to explore the galleries at their own pace. Guests strolled by the swamp forests that formed the world's coal, checked out the monstrous meat-cleaver jaws of the fossil fish found in the shale around Cleveland, and met some dinosaurs like this one.


Lynx Rufus is on display among the Museum's living collections. Guests took a brisk walk along a lighted path to get "Up Close" with the Museum's two live Bobcats.

Alumni event

Members of the Cleveland Regional The Promise Lives Campaign Committee. Front Row: Hyatt Bolden, Kelly Balog, Dee Wirkiowski, and Marcia Day. Back Row: Connie Lawson-Davis, Lawanna White, Jan Pae, and Amy Hollis. The committee is planning Campaign events for the Cleveland area's more than 20,000 Ohio University alumni.