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John Sabraw to host Café Conversation on fluid potential

A scientist walks up to a female artist at a bar; he turns to her and says, "Are you a 90 degree angle?  Because you’re looking right." 

Many people would guess that this relationship wouldn’t last longer than the end of that pickup line. However, associate professor of art John Sabraw would argue that this couple might be the perfect match for each other. 

"The approach of art in questioning the world, in comparison to the perceived approach of science, can work together to provide rich ground for future projects and progress," said Sabraw. 

He is fascinated by metaphysical and pragmatic concerns regarding our universe and attempts to convey a sense of transcendence in all of his work. 

"My current research focuses on natural phenomena, the earth’s ecosystem as a whole, and our role within that," said Sabraw. "This in turn has driven me to incorporate ever more sustainable practices in my studio and in my life." 

Join John Sabraw for his Café Conversations, "Fluid Potential: Why Scientists and Artists Should Get Together," at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 30 in the Baker University Center Front Room.