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Wenjuan Zhang and Edward List

In 2012, 22 students worked 30 hours a week for eight weeks researching topics as diverse as paleontology to soap operas through the Research Apprenticeship Program.

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Honors Tutorial College

A unique learning experience


The Honors Tutorial College brings to Athens a little slice of Oxford—not Ohio, but Great Britain—where the venerable university educates students in the classical manner of small-group or individual tutorials. In addition to its hands-on approach to learning, HTC emphasizes scholarly research and creative activity. HTC graduates have attended some of world’s most prestigious graduate schools and won numerous nationally competitive awards for specialized or international study. Among the ranks of HTC alumni are Pulitzer, Emmy, Clio and Grammy award winners.

Alexandra Spaw and Lawrence Witmer

The Research Apprenticeship Program allows HTC students to spend the summer doing paid research for professors.

Allie Dyer_Carey Snyder

HTC students have the opportunity to study within one-on-one or small-group tutorials that offer a unique, student-centered approach. Ohio University is the only institution in the United States with a degree-granting college incorporating all the essential features of the traditional tutorial system.

Brett Weiler

HTC students frequently conduct research motivated from their tutorials, the Provost’s Undergraduate Research Fund, or their senior thesis or professional project, which all HTC students must complete prior to graduation.

HTC 40 Anniversary

HTC students are connected to a large network of college alumni who interact with students during such events as the Golos Lecture Series and the college’s Anniversary.

HTC House

In the past four years, HTC student-faculty collaborators have co-authored more than 25 conference presentations and posters; last year their work resulted in 20 published studies.

HTC_All College_Supper

The Honors Tutorial College fosters a group of scholars that are able to share academic passions and socialize as a supportive community through annual events such as the All College Supper and the Honors Community Council.

Induction Ceremony 2011

Each year the Honors Tutorial College inducts approximately 70 students from around the country to study in more than 30 programs of study.

Interview Day 2012

HTC students help to welcome prospective HTC students each year during the college’s annual interview days in late winter.

Nicole Kleinas_Molly Morris

Tutorials allow HTC students the opportunity to cultivate close academic relationships with Ohio University faculty.


The college’s Dean’s Discretionary Fund has help sponsor students attending conferences, performing research, or studying abroad. Since 2005, HTC students have studied or interned in 22 countries on five continents.