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University provides BobcatBuy update

Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephen Golding recently addressed the BobcatBuy initiative in this email:

Dear Colleagues: 

In response to concerns about the operation of BobcatBuy, we indicated in an email sent to the university community in November 2012 that a review of the program would be conducted. Huron Consulting Group was engaged to undertake the review.

In November, Huron collected data from the system and interviewed procurement personnel and a representative sample of users. After compiling the information gathered, members of the Huron team compared the functioning of our system with similar systems at other institutions. Recently they presented us with the final report.  

It is clear from the report that BobcatBuy remains a work in progress. It is equally clear that there are a number of constructive measures that can be taken, as well as some that already have been taken, which will substantially improve its operation. We are confident that in the Huron report we have a blueprint that will allow us to improve Bobcat Buy. 

As the Huron report is lengthy, we have attempted to provide some background, a summary of its primary conclusions and a sense of how we intend to initially address its findings on the Service Alignment Initiative web page at http://www.ohio.edu/provost/rcm/SAI.cfm. A copy of the Huron report is also available on this page.  



Pam Benoit

Executive Vice President and Provost 


Stephen Golding

Vice President for Finance and Administration