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Social media provides community with new dimension of University news.

OHIO's official Twitter feed and Facebook page are easy and accessible ways to keep up with the latest university news.

Through the University's social media accounts, students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni can get the most up to date information and news. The accounts encourage open dialogue and sharing among the University's more than 14,700 Twitter followers and 29,000 Facebook fans.

"Social media enhances our connections to the Ohio University community around the world," said Renea Morris, executive director of university communications and marketing. "Through Twitter and Facebook, we can respond to questions and concerns from our friends and followers in real time. It is my hope that students, parents, faculty and staff believe that their voice is being heard."

Whether it is learning about groundbreaking research, experiencing the beauty of the University's campus through videos and pictures, or being surprised about little-known university facts, readers will discover it on OHIO's Twitter and Facebook pages.

"Our Twitter and Facebook pages are not just great sources for practical information, but are also places where users can interact one-on-one with the University," said Kelley Finan, senior manager of external relations. "With many smartphones hooked up to social media as well, the community has instant access to news and updates."

The University is also using social media to keep the campus informed in matters that are more serious.

"When there is a crisis on campus or an emergency situation, we update our social media accounts as soon as possible," said Morris. "Using this medium is just one of the tools we use to keep our community secure and informed."

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