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When disaster strikes

Knowledge of emergency notification systems is key to disaster preparedness at Ohio University

No one is ever fully prepared for disaster. But an understanding of emergency notification systems is a crucial step in crisis preparedness at Ohio University. Read on for information on how OHIO communicates with the campus community in cases of emergency.

Outdoor emergency notification

In emergency situations, OHIO's outdoor notification system will broadcast a tone, followed by a message over speakers located at various points on campus. The system is designed to notify people who are outdoors at the time of an emergency and is not intended to inform those who are indoors.

Emergency text-messaging systems

Faculty, staff and students who have signed up for the University's emergency text-messaging service will receive a text message, notifying them of emergency situations. The text messaging system serves as a communication tool for the campus community during an emergency affecting the Athens campus only.

OHIO is currently implementing a new text-messaging system.

CATVision alerts

Emergency alerts will be broadcast on CATVision, Ohio University's residence hall cable TV network. CATVision is a year-round, 24 hour-a-day service delivered to every student bedroom, apartment and residence hall lounge on the Athens campus as part of the room charge.

Online messaging

Breaking emergency information will be included on the Ohio University homepage at www.ohio.edu. The University community is also encouraged to check Compass, the University's online news site at www.ohio.edu/compass, for follow-up coverage and information.

Emergency telephone hotline

For information on a pending campus emergency, students and parents are encouraged to call the University's emergency telephone hotline at (740) 597-1800. A prerecorded message detailing the nature of the emergency will be available.

Campus email

Students will be notified via their campus email accounts in the case of an emergency.

Need more information?

Like all of the university's emergency communication tools, OHIO's emergency notification systems are tested periodically to ensure they are working properly and to help familiarize the campus community with how they will operate in an emergency.

For more information on emergency preparedness, visit the university's emergency page at www.ohio.edu/emergency. Or, to report an emergency, contact the Ohio University Police Department at (740) 593-1911.