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Pam Benoit

Stephen Golding

Stephen Golding

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Provost and VPFA offer Rufus Initiative update

On Thursday, Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit and Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephen Golding sent an email to all OHIO faculty and staff regarding the Rufus Initiative.

Dear Ohio University Faculty and Staff:

The Rufus Initiative began two years ago to replace our student information system and the systems that rely upon it.  By the end of this calendar year, all core functions will be available, with additional features and enhancements to follow.

We knew from studying the experiences of other institutions that this would be a complex undertaking, and that we could encounter our share of problems.  To be sure, it has been challenging, but we are making steady progress thanks to the extraordinary efforts of hundreds of colleagues who have worked long hours and many weekends.  We are grateful for their remarkable dedication to this project.

We deeply appreciate as well the patience and good will that faculty and staff have shown as we have asked them to set aside hours for training and to be understanding as we have run into obstacles and missed some key deadlines.  We also want to acknowledge the forbearance that students and their families have shown through each phase of implementation.

Some of the challenges we are dealing with now include making student photos available on class and advising lists and finding a solution whereby faculty can be notified when students drop or add their courses.  We also continue to work on resolving delays in the work-study process.   

We will need everyone's continued patience and good will, particularly over the next several months as we shift our focus from core requirements to enhancements and additional features.  If we encounter problems that may affect your work, we will let you know as far in advance as possible.   

We are confident that once completed the Rufus Initiative will yield a suite of information systems that will enhance our work lives and make it possible for us to improve the ways in which we assist students.


Pam Benoit
Executive Vice President and Provost

Stephen Golding
Vice President for Finance and Administration