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This is the first time that the creative writing program has received an official ranking by a national organization.

Photo courtesy of: The Creative Writing Program

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Creative writing program ranked third in nation

Ohio University’s Creative Writing Ph.D. program was ranked third in the nation for 2012 by of Poets and Writers, a nationally distributed literary and educational magazine.

The September issue of the magazine ranked the top 15 creative writing doctoral programs in the nation.

This is the first time that the creative writing program has received an official ranking by a national organization. There have been unofficial rankings in the past where OHIO’s program has always been highly regarded.

Dinty Moore, professor of English and director of the Creative Writing Program responded to the news, "We were thrilled to be ranked the number three program nationally; both because the ranking is certainly impressive, but also because the faculty and students have been working very hard these past years to enhance the profile of the program."

Sarah Green, a second-year doctoral candidate in poetry agreed with her professor.

"Without the ranking this is already a well-regarded program," she said. "The ranking will be an extra shiny thing to offer when I’m applying to positions because Poets and Writers is a very well read magazine."

According to Moore, there are several reasons that OHIO’s program stands out. Ohio University was one of the first in the nation to offer a Ph.D. in creative writing. Since 1986, they have hosted the annual Spring Literary Festival, a three-day event where renowned poets, fiction and nonfiction writers speak about their craft.

Moore said another reason for the University's high profile is the steady stream of work that issues from it. There are four editorial publications run by the creative writing program, including Sphere, New Ohio Review, Quarter after Eight, and Brevity. Many of the graduates publish books with well-respected publishers, sometimes while still in the program, and others have won national awards for poetry and prose writing.

Jolynn Baldwin, third-year Ph.D. candidate in fiction said she chose Ohio University for her Ph.D. in creative writing because, "There is an opportunity at OHIO, more than any other program that I looked at, for diversification and to get involved. I would feel comfortable going out in the world and teaching literature, rhetoric and composition as well as creative writing, which was important to me."