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Emeriti Association to induct 51 emeriti this September

The Ohio University Emeriti Association will induct 51 members on Sept. 15.

The ceremony and luncheon, with comments from Executive Vice President and Provost Pam Benoit, will be held at the Ohio University Inn from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m, and will honor the 51 faculty and administrators given emeriti status based on the recommendation of their supervisors and colleagues.

Currently, there are 700 active emeriti. Emeritus or emerita status is conferred on a faculty member or presidential contract administrator on his or her retirement or posthumously, in accord to Ohio University Policy (18.031: Emeritus or Emerita Status).

Status is granted based on various criteria, including length of service (except in special circumstances, a minimum of 10 years), quality of teaching and research or performance in the administrative position, overall contribution to the University and service to society beyond the University community.

Membership to the Emeriti Association is open to all emeriti. The association is non-profit, with monthly luncheon meetings held from September to June. There are 475 faculty and administrators who are dues-paying members, with 370 having a lifetime membership and approximately 100 annual memberships (including emeriti and their spouses).

The association advocates for all emeriti — both at the University-level and occasionally at the State House in Columbus. It is also active in fundraising for emeriti projects within the University such as developing and sustaining the Emeriti Park. About 80 to 100 members attend the monthly luncheons on a regular basis.

May is traditionally the month in which the Emeriti Association inducts new members, but this year marks a difference in the process due to a delayed vote by the Board of Trustees, making September the opportune time for the ceremony.

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