Renea Morris

Renea Morris

Photographer: Emily Martin

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Branding OHIO: Good Brands

Good brands:*

Deliver a clear message
Confirm credibility
Make an emotional connection with prospect targets
Motivates action and loyalty

A year ago, I began this series to engage in a dialogue with the University community to aid in the discovery of a meaningful, differentiating focus for Ohio University’s brand. As a result of research, we’ve begun to gain some insight into how prospective students, parents, and other influencers such as high school counselors and OHIO alumni think about and articulate the Ohio University brand.

In addition to establishing a message platform for "The Promise Lives" Capital Campaign, this past year, we revised our branding guidelines; revamped our internal communications vehicles with Compass and Compass Points, and reviewed our brand perception in Ohio to help inform undergraduate recruiting in Athens. Also, you may have noticed a few newly designed websites such as the Faculty/Staff website.

This past summer, a revised version of policy 31.001 was released, which governs external communications practices, and includes additional information on crisis communications and brand standards to align with current practices. The new version also addresses campus communicators, which were not mentioned in the previous policy.

In the coming weeks, look for updates on recent brand research and implications for helping to ensure consistent and unified marketing and branding efforts throughout all Ohio University campuses and centers.

If you were asked to describe the personality/culture of Ohio University using three adjectives, how would you respond?

Look for a summary of recent brand research in the next Branding OHIO article.

* Source: “What is Branding?” by Laura Lake